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A Glimpse of A Barista's Journey

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Writer: Nabila Najwa

Editor: Najwa Ismet Badjened

Photo Source: Nabila Najwa

‘The Coffee Maker’

Espresso? Cappucino? Macchiato? You probably have heard of these in cafes and might probably wonder what are their differences. One thing they have in common for sure is they are all coffee. Darkly coloured, bitter, slightly acidic - coffee is the most famous drink in the world derived from roasted coffee beans and they are well-known best for the benefits of awakenness they give us humans. Interestingly, most people do not realise how important the role of the barista that actually serves you that delicious cup of coffee is. You undoubtedly know the staff at your favourite coffee shop if you go there on a regular basis. You know who is going to serve you on weekday mornings versus the barista who will serve you on weekends. They inquire, "How is it going?" Before you know it, you're out the door with your coffee beans and your favourite drink to keep you going. Have you ever considered what it's like to work in a coffee shop?

Are They Always Caffeinated?

As baristas advance in their careers, they consume less coffee. You learn not to take the product for granted and that drinking water is more beneficial than coffee. Instead of being stressed out or overly excited, we want to relax and go through our shift pleasantly. We also learn that the coffee you poured yourself will most likely become cold as you manage all of the other activities that must be completed. We also recognise that our coffee of the day should be considered as something unique and enjoyed fully, which looks like drinking a coffee during our break or at the end of our shift. Why Some People Can Sustain As A Barista One of the most fun occupations you could possibly have is that of a barista. If you enjoy meeting new people, working as a barista will allow you to do so. Seeing people's smiles when you serve them a perfect espresso macchiato or americano is enough to lift your spirits for the day. Making good coffee is also more difficult than most people believe. It's a combination of art and science, and learning about coffee beans and roasting procedures takes time and effort. It's also about communicating with consumers, making recommendations, and explaining the differences between various coffee beans and varieties. Even if barista has years of experience in the industry, they will learn new things about the coffee variations and how to tackle the science of it.

Coffee As A Community

A community cafe is much more than just a place where people can get a cup of coffee. It is a gathering area where people may meet, dine, drink, socialise, and strengthen community relationships. As so, it can provide you with a special position in the hearts of the inhabitants, as well as a very important and visible community role. The baristas are important in becoming the connector of the people, you can even be friends with the barista and you will be surprised by the kind of networking connection and relationships you build. A friendly neighbourhood cafe will give you the opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds, hence that is why most baristas agree that the job will definitely build you to become an expert in people and communication skills. There are so many other things you can learn about this delicious drink and one way you can do so is by visiting the local cafes that serve specialty coffee. Specialty coffee focuses flavour over caffeine content and produces a higher quality cup than most traditional coffee companies. The baristas will be more than happy to fulfill your curiosity about coffee and do not be shy to make friends with them. There are so many other things to learn about coffee and also the industry and the best way to do it, is by building meaningful connections at your go-to cafe.

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