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Attention, Surge in COVID-19 Cases in Malaysia

Updated: Jan 11



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BANGI,15 Dec - The December COVID-19 outbreak in Malaysia is experiencing some challenges with an increase in the number of community transmitted cases. Despite high vaccination rates, the spread of a new variant of the virus has raised concerns and led to localized outbreaks in some areas.

On 13 Dec, Health Director-general Datuk Dr Muhammad Radzi Abu Hassan advised the public to wear masks during gatherings with friends and family as the 49th Epidemiological Week (ME49) from December 3 to December 9 revealed a concerning surge, with 12,757 reported cases compared to 6,796 cases in ME48.

In this regard,we spoke to a local shop owner (Md Atikur Rahman Rubel) in a residential area of Southville City, Mr Atikur said: "We thought that the COVID-19 case would not happen again, but we are sorry to hear about it, but believe that the government can deal with these issues in a positive manner.”

On the question of whether this increase in cases will affect the normal life of students, we specially interviewed two students: Wang Zhifei and Ma Xin.

Mr. Ma Xin said, "Actually, I don't think it will affect our life, because we have already gone through a serious period, so we will accept the situation frankly."

Miss Wang Zhifei said, "I prepared a lot of medical masks and related sterilization emergency supplies before I left China, so I won't be too scared." In fact, what people said is very reasonable, COVID-19 is not too serious a disease so far, and every country is actively vaccinating, which will reduce these cases dramatically.

The Health Ministry Datuk Seri Dzulkefly Ahmad said on December 13 that reported cases in Malaysia had almost doubled in seven days, just weeks before the year-end holidays and celebrations.

Faced with such a serious situation, it is necessary for all parties to pay attention to the proper wearing of masks and disinfection. COVID-19 is not to be underestimated, and we have indeed experienced it, but it should not be taken lightly.

When we were doing our research, we met a UKM staff member who told us “There’s really no need to panic as it's only a small percentage of cases and it's good to be prepared to deal with it," We could tell he was really calm and turned away after telling us this.

But in essence, we all understand that the increase in COVID-19 cases will soon be related to the recent festivals because of the increase in the flow of people, which will have a relevant impact on this.

(Source: Zhou Meng)

Miss Sai Yilin (a student at University of Malaya) said:"I told everyone around me as soon as I learnt about it, I hope everyone can be aware of it, after all we all know how painful it can be if you get sick," I can relate to this because I had a fever just recently.

It is important to note that the dynamic nature of the outbreak means that things can change. Everyone should take care of their health to avoid COVID-19.

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