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Black Friday Excitement Builds as Major Brands Unleash Irresistible Promotions

Updated: Jan 12

Writer:An Haokuan Zhao Wenhao

Editor: Yang Jiaxin Li Qiuyun

KUALA LUMPUR 25 Nov- With Black Friday just around the corner, major brands have started a series of promotions, so The Nadi Bangi team interviewed some passers-by on Black Friday in hopes of getting some of their thoughts on Black Friday

From An Haokuan

This interview focuses on people's opinions about Black Friday, such as the intensity of this year's event, how guests feel when shopping, and so on.

Zhang Shuhan (Chinese student in Malaysia) For me, Black Friday is the happiest time for me every year, because I don't have a lot of money to buy luxury goods, so those more affordable brands become my first choice. So, as a major discounter on Black Friday, I'm looking forward to buying their products because they always surprise me

From Yang Jiaxin

Wang Fang (Tourist from China) For me, the prices of some big-name goods abroad are indeed much cheaper than in China, so I always like to travel abroad every year when I take a vacation to find something that is expensive or even impossible to buy in China. And I will also bring home a lot of souvenirs for my family and friends. This time I came to Malaysia just in time for the Black Star and those amazing prices.

Tony (Malaysian Chinese): For us, Black Friday is an event that will be held every year, but I think this year's event is still a little lower than last year's discount, but if you want to go shopping at Parkson, I still recommend it, because this year's Parkson discount is still quite considerable, and he has a full discount

From An Haokuan

Overall, this year's Black Friday event is still worth attending

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