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BOGO@FSSK Helps FSSK Students Get Free Breakfast

Updated: Jan 11

By:Zhu Siyu, Li Yingying

Editor: Xiang Liwei, Zhu Zhaoxuan

BANGI, 10 Nov - BOGO@FSSK is an event held at the Laluan Chow Kit in Fakulti Sains Sosial dan Kemanusiaan (FSSK), that provides free breakfast to students, it is organized by FSSK Students Council (PMFSSK) and sponsored by faculty and staff, which helps students have access to nutritious breakfast in the morning.

(Bogo@FSSK 's promotional poster. Source: PN. Hasnoor Shima Ahmad Hassan)

This event had been held three times, and it usually lasted from 7.30 a.m. to 9.30 a.m., and they had served different foods for the the students during the event, such as pumpkin soup, roti bakar, and egg mayo.

(Free breakfast for students provided by BOGO@FSSK. Photo by Li Yingying)

“About 70% of FSSK students are underprivileged students in terms of financial. And some students go to morning class hungry. Therefore, PMFSSK took the initiative to give free breakfast to students,” Penolong Dekan PN. Hasnoor Shima Ahmad Hassan said, one of the organizers of the event.

For students, a nutritious breakfast is not just a meal: it's more of a protection for the students' physical health, but financial constraints often force compromises on nutrition.

“I was surprised that PMFSSK would offer free breakfast. I sometimes choose not to buy breakfast, even though I am very hungry, due to the cost of living. This event not only solved my breakfast problem but also relieved my financial pressure,” a FSSK student, Wei Chin Lim said.

(FSSK students receiving free breakfast. Photo by Li Yingying)

The heartwarming gesture of the event was not only reflected in the initiative of the student council but also thanks to the support of the faculty staff of FSSK, who conveyed their care and support to the students by passing a breakfast.

“When we have class in the morning, we often feel a little tired and hungry. As soon as we arrived at FSSK and saw that there was a free breakfast. We immediately became very happy and full of energy. This is really a very meaningful and helpful event,” an international FSSK student, Hao Jiaming, said in an interview.

This initiative strives to guarantee that every FSSK student starts their day with a nutritious breakfast, laying the foundation for a day of focused learning.

"I think the event, it's not just a free breakfast; it's a warmth that comes from the college. With this breakfast program, I find myself more energized and ready to tackle my studies every day," shared one appreciative student,” Zhang Xiaoya, a FSSK student said.

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