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“K-pop Night Out” Was A Students Gateway’s From Stressful Week

BANGI, 20 Dec  - Adyratna, a cultural club from Kolej Rahim Kajai (KRK) held an entertainment program named “K-Pop Night Out” with a RM7 charge of ticket per person at Auditorium Siswa Level 2, Pusanika. 

Even though students need to pay RM7 for entrance fee, they provided some stuff like snacks, drinks, glow sticks, physical tickets and random photocards from any K-Pop band. 

“I’m so shock that this program received a large response from students not just from KRK residential but from other residential colleges too!” said Fariz Hazmir, The President of Adyratna KRK.

Participants are also recommended to dress up as their prejudiced or so what we call as their K-pop Idol. 

“Everyone is ( slaying in their own way ) so slayed during the event, their outfits were so marvelous. I could not describe how pretty and handsome they are..” Amirah the participants from Kolej Pendeta Zaba.

The program consisted of some activities such as sing-along, dance performance from Adyratna team, vibing with K-pop songs, playing some mini games, and a random dance challenge.

The beginning of the program started with the opening speech by the Head of Kolej Rahim Kajai and went straight to the singing performance. Then, they played the K-pop song starting with an OGs band called Gee by Girls Generation.

“I’m coming for Twice, my beloved unni!” said Syaqil Raziq the participants from Kolej Keris Mas who is a Twice fan.

The songs that were played kept on changing until when it came to Big Bang and Blackpink songs, everyone started screaming, singing and vibing along together. It shows that there were lots of K-Pop fans coming that night. 

“I do not know how to explain it, it feels like a real concert in this Auditorium. I think I’m half deaf right now," said Farkhrul Aiman, the participant in this program.

The best and crowdest part when it comes to random K-pop dance, some students are so talented in dancing without us knowing. Those who dance accurately with the song and right movements will receive the star stickers as an achievement.

“In fact, they remember all the steps and their movements were very smooth, which is insane!” said Nik Nor Aqilah, the participants in this program.

As well as the mini games, the game is in the form of an online quiz. So all the participants can access it through their own device to answer the questions. Those who answer accurately and get the most right will receive a box of gifts filled with K-Pop merchants. 

“I love this program, it releases my stress and pressure from assignments, workload and tests. I just realized, now it's week 10 already oh my..” said Nurul Faezah, the participants of this program.

Outside of the auditorium, there are lots of booths that sell K-Pop stuff and merchants resellers for students who want to buy as a souvenir for themself or their friends.

This is a good gateway for students to entertain themselves from the workload tasks. It’s not wrong to have fun during youth, as long as we never leave the priority behind. 

Overall, make your university life enjoyable and create more memories with each other. This is the moment you can share with your grandchildren later.

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