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Lazada's Last Year-end Promotion, 12.12 Shopping Festival Coming Soon

Updated: Jan 10

Write:WangBo, He Yuhan

Editor:Hou Bairu, Zhu Lijing

Shopping festivals are promotional events usually organized by merchants to attract consumers to shop for a specific period. These events are generally accompanied by substantial discounts, promotions and other means of attracting customers to induce consumers to increase their shopping spending during the period. The Double Twelve Shopping Spree is an e-commerce promotion that takes place on December 12 every year. Since the creation of the Double Eleven Shopping Festival, Taobao has not been satisfied, so once again tried to create festivals, on December 12, 2011, to continue to launch the online shopping feast, with the gradual development of China's network of e-commerce in recent years, the other major online shopping platforms have also been found Double Twelve Shopping Festival promotional activities, which is the last shopping carnival in each year, Double Twelve Shopping Festival has also become the annual following 618 shopping Carnival, Double Eleven Shopping Carnival and other grand shopping carnivals.

As early as 2012, Lazada first introduced the concept of Double Eleven to Southeast Asia. Then, China's Internet giants took shares in Lazada, pointing directly at the Southeast Asian market. Gradually, Double 11 has become a household name in Southeast Asia's shopping carnival. Driven by Double Eleven, Double Twelve has gradually become a grand shopping carnival in Lazada.

Cross-border e-commerce is a significant force in the Lazada shopping platform. Last year, Lazada 12.12 sales only 2 hours within the consumer platform consumption exceeded the average daily 22 times, in the face of Southeast Asia's holiday shopping in full swing and a vast consumer power, 12.12 cross-border merchants also 12.12 first day of the overall sales of the average daily sales of nine times! On the first day of 12.12, the overall sales of cross-border merchants also reached 9 times the average daily sales! 6% of the cross-border power merchants' single-day sales reached 10 times the average daily sales.

Lazada launched the Lazada Bonus shopping allowance. This whole platform cross-store marketing tool is also widely loved by Southeast Asian consumers, this year's Lazada 2022 12.12 during the Lazada Bonus Shopping Allowance worth 327 million U.S. dollars was snapped up in 2 days, but also based on the platform's high-intensity benefits to attract traffic, 2022 Merchants also grew to 1.5 times the 2021 level.

During 12.12, a Lazada homegrown electrical appliance store generated over RM1,200,000 in sales daily. A few years following the success of the 11.11 promotion, Lazada will be handing out another 1 billion LazCoins in conjunction with the 12.12 Year-End Hot Sale, offering considerable discounts to Malay shoppers.

The Double 12 Shopping Festival is close to Christmas, and with the Christmas holiday atmosphere driving high growth in the daily goods industry, Christmas ambient light sales will continue to be strong this year as well; last year, Lazada's first day of 12.12 sales surpassed the first day of the 9.9 promotion by 230%. Chinese brand pots and pans are highly favoured by Southeast Asian consumers in LazMall, and non-stick pans and ceramic pans with a Christmas atmosphere and Korean style continue to sell well in Malaysia. In addition to these Christmas-related products, many merchants selling daily necessities and electrical appliances also took advantage of the sale to issue promotional coupons to attract consumers to visit and browse.

(Source: Lazada Platform)

LiuYang, an online store owner who sells Chinese food products across the border on Lazada, said: "This is the busiest time of the year for us cross-border e-commerce merchants, as we have to take care of both the domestic and foreign markets at the same time," he said. "We have a store on Taobao, and we must prepare for the upcoming Double Twelve event right after the Double Eleven shopping festival. Promotions are significant to us; we have developed various promotional strategies on the Lazada platform to attract customers, including discounts, full reductions, and giveaways, and to cope with the surge of orders during the shopping festival, our customers service staff is online 24 hours a day to ensure that we can respond to customer inquiries and complaints in a timely manner, and we hope that we can give our customers a good consumer experience."

Wong Chan Shung, a Malaysian online store owner, made his store on the Lazada platform mainly out of small furniture. For the upcoming Double Twelve Shopping Festival, he said: "Every year, I pay extra attention to the Double Twelve promotion, because the Double Twelve Shopping Festival is close to the Christmas season, and every year, the store's Christmas decorations, such as colourful lights, wreaths, Christmas trees, the Crystal ball and other sales will increase significantly, and then take advantage of the shopping festival promotional efforts to attract consumers to consume, more convenient than before in the physical store to sell."

Nazaly Hisham Bin Ibrahim is a SkyNet courier; the courier company has long cooperated with the Lazada platform; the face of the upcoming double twelve shopping festival, he said: "We will be a large number of additional manpower during the double twelve periods, to prevent the emergence of courier pile-ups and a large number of orders no one to deal with the situation, to maximise the meet customers' demand for fast delivery."

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