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Lively Colour of Uptown Reko Night Market During Hari Raya

Writer: Wang Runzhi

Editor: Ma Wugang

Kajang Selangor, 23 April - During the Hari Raya period from April 22 to 23, 2023, a large number of customers came to Uptown Reko Night Market to experience and taste different foods and feel different cultural colours.

The lively night market economy becomes an interesting phenomenon during Hari Raya. This form of business not only adds vitality to the local economy but also provides residents with more consumption choices. People come out of their homes to buy goods and food in the night market to celebrate the arrival of Hari Raya. And Uptown Reko Night Market is representative one of these night markets.

(Uptown Reko Night Market on April 23.Photo by Wang Runzhi)

At Uptown Reko Night Market, people can taste food from different countries. For example, Siumai, which originated from China. “Siumai is a snack with a long history in China. It is stuffed and thin-skinned, which has the flavours of mushrooms, beef, shrimp, etc.” said Zhuo Xiang, the stall owner.

(Siumai.Photo by Wang Runzhi)

(The stall owner is picking up Siumai for customers. Photo by Wang Runzhi)

Among the many commodities and foods at Uptown Reko Night Market, there is one food that is particularly special--Black forest ball. It has various flavours like chocolate and peanut, 3 boxes are sold for RM 50.

As the stall owner Azra Azmi introduced, this is a biscuit made of wheat, which they specially made for Hari Raya. According to the sales volume of the previous day, they can sell about 2000 boxes a day. This is thanks to the tradition of sharing food during Hari Raya to some extent.

"Hari Raya has brought us good business because people have the habit of visiting relatives and friends and bringing a little food during Hari Raya. Sharing food during Hari Raya is an act of sharing joy and kindness. Biscuits are very popular for that.” Azra Azmi said.

(Black forest ball. Photo by Wang Runzhi)

(Azra Azmi and his wife. Photo by Wang Runzhi)

Besides, the rich food and experience of Uptown Reko Night Market have also won praise from customers. A customer from China, Qiu Hanyu, bought some Siumai. He said: "It is a happy thing to be able to eat food from my hometown in Malaysia. This is why I like Uptown Reko Night Market." "Uptown Reko Night Market allows me to better experience the festive atmosphere of Hari Raya. The stall owners here are very kind and make me feel cordial." said another customer Liu Jingran.

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