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Majlis Konvokesyen Universiti Kabangsaan Malaysia Ke-51: A Celebration of Achievements and Emotions

Updated: Jan 11

Writer: Qistina Allyssa, JinYuan

Editor: Xiang Peixin, Kong Linghao

BANGI 16, Dec - In a grand celebration of academic accomplishments, the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia has recently held its 2023 Annual Graduation ceremony, marking the culmination of years of hard work and dedication for hundreds of graduates. The graduation occurred from 25th to 30th November at Dewan Canselour Tun Razak.

(Photo Source: UKM Offical Website)

For many graduates, the experience of preparing for the graduation ceremony was a mix of anticipation, reflection, and gratitude.  Graduate School of Business and Masters graduate Dhiya Syazana Safra Mohd Akhir expressed, "Preparing for my graduation ceremony was a mix of anticipation, reflection, and gratitude. Putting on my graduation attire, especially after 17 years since my degree, symbolised the dedication and hard work throughout my MBA journey."

(Photo Source: Dhiya Syazana Safra Mohd Akhir)

As graduates walked across the stage to receive their certificates, many emotions enveloped them. A profound sense of pride, nostalgia, and gratitude filled the air. Reflecting on challenges faced, friendships made, and personal growth experienced during their academic journeys stirred nostalgia. Dhiya Syazana shared, "Completing the one-year journey filled with hard work and dedication brought a profound sense of pride."

Several graduates faced unique challenges during their educational journeys, ranging from communication and teamwork hurdles to the constant juggling of time 

management. Perseverance became a crucial ally in overcoming these obstacles, emphasising the determination to achieve academic and personal goals. "I can say I met a lot of people who inspire me to be someone and won the best project in my MBA (which needed to be completed quickly) is unbelievable," stated Erna Smith Epoi, Graduate School of Business graduate.

(Photo Source: Erna Smith Epoi)

Putting on graduation attire was a powerful and emotional experience for many. It represented not just fabric but embodied late nights, challenges overcome, and moments defined by sheer determination. The attire served as a symbol, marking the completion of a significant milestone and the commencement of a new chapter in their lives. Dhiya Syazana Safra Mohd Akhir expressed, "Wearing my graduation attire for the first time after 17 years since my degree was an indescribable experience." Yogesswari Rajah, a master's graduate, mentioned,’ Yes, actually, in my bachelor's, I don't have any feelings. However, for my Master, when I wore the attire, and I saw my parents wore the robe, I was upon to cry.’

(Photo Source: Yogesswari Rajah)

While UKM is known for its extravagant graduation ceremonies, the overall thoughts from the graduates were overwhelmingly positive. The ceremony was described as good and pleasant, with specific moments standing out, such as graduates expressing gratitude to their parents—a touching and emotional aspect of the event.

UKM's 2023 Annual Graduation was more than just a ceremony; it was a celebration of achievements, a testament to perseverance, and a recognition of the collective efforts that shape the academic community. As these graduates embark on new journeys, the memories of this ceremony will undoubtedly remain etched in their hearts.

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