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Malay Singer Firdhaus’s First Mandarin Concert Draw 2,000 People

By David Ling Chun Sing 

Edited by Kuroshini A/P Sathurugnan Saravanan

Source: David Ling Chun Sing, Nadi Bangi 

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 Dec - “This is all our first time” concert by Muhammad Firdhaus Farmizi as known as Firdhaus lives up to its expectations with his 2 hours long performance, taking place in Zepp Kuala Lumpur Lalaport Bukit Bintang City Centre drew an impressive amount of crowd of almost 2,000 audiences on. 

Firdhaus is a Malay born in Malaysia but he can speak and sing fluently in Mandarin and he has represented Malaysia to International Chinese Bridge Competition in China. One of his songs “The Gulf of Alaska” originally composed by Firdhaus achieved a record of over 790 million views on social media, tiktok in 2021. 

Firdhaus is famous for his emotional love song in mandopop. In this concert, Firdhaus showcased 16 of his popular songs such as WMXGHZYSQN, Kyoto, If I Die, Please Tell My Mom I Love Her, The Gulf of Alaska. In 2020, Firdhaus was signed by Loolala Music (M) Sdn Bhd, a famous Malaysia singer and music production company, as an artist of his company and became a singer-songwriter. 

Before this concert, Firdhaus organised a music festival last year and this time, he announced a long-awaited return, a personal concert this year taking place on 22 December. 

Miss Wong Yii Mei, 24 said “It is quite an emotional concert as his songs are more sad songs but I enjoy his performance. I feel like Firdhaus performed well and steadily. It is definitely worth the price. I feel happy and excited that I can finally see him in person!” 

The Firdhaus concert has created a memorable experience and satisfied the audience. Mr. Ling Su Zeng, 24 said that “The concert was very well designed and comfortable at the same time. The atmosphere when he sang with everyone made me feel the joyful atmosphere at the scene. This is an unforgettable experience. If I have any regret, it is that I didn’t manage to get his autograph.” 

This concert has provided a special event and surprises for the audiences such as special guests and interactive sessions. According to Mr Kevin Kong Yong En, 28 “I enjoy listening to his girlfriends’ songs as a special guest! I was so thrilled! Besides, there's a very unique way to keep audiences entertained while he takes a break. He puts SpongeBob songs and passes a balloon to the audiences and lets us interact with each other and play around.”

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