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Malaysia celebrates Deepavali, highways declared toll-free

Updated: Jan 11

Writer: Song Rongxiu Peng Yi

Editor: Su Xiaofan Guo Jiajia

(The highway will be free of tolls this Saturday and Sunday Source: the Malaysian insight)

KUALA LUMPUR,10 NOV- As Deepavali approaches, the Malaysian government announced that during this traditional festival, highways across the country will be free of charge to provide residents with convenient travel conditions and welcome the holiday travel wave.

Deepavali is the Indian New Year. For Indian compatriots, Deepavali is as grand as the Chinese Lunar New Year. And it is also a festival full of positive energy because it means "driving away darkness with light and defeating evil with good."

Ying Ran, CEO of ANIH Berhad, the concessionaire of KLK and LPT1 highways, said, “In line with the government’s announcement, free tolls during Deepavali will start at 12:01 midnight tonight and continue until 11:59 pm on Sunday."

This decision aims to improve residents’ travel convenience, to support people visiting relatives and friends and participating in celebrations during the festival, and to promote tourism and social cohesion. The government hopes that throughout the free passage measure, more citizens will have the opportunity to celebrate this traditional festival and enjoy the joyful atmosphere of the festival.

“I think this act greatly facilitates citizens because Malaysia’s highway network is developed. Indian citizens go home to visit their families or visit relatives and friends during the holidays. It is very convenient to travel on long-distance highways, and they can save part of the highway. Road tolls, which is a convenience for people celebrating the holidays,” Ryan, a UKM student, replied.

A spokesman for the Malaysian Ministry of Transport said: "We hope that through this policy, more families can get together and spend quality time together during Deepavali. The free highway will make it easier for people to return home during the festival and travel to visit relatives. wish."

"Although we are Chinese, we also buy fireworks to celebrate with friends. This also brings us closer to our friends and feels the joy together," Liu Guanliang, an economics student, who has been driving in Malaysia for a year,said. "When driving out to eat, We also reduce highway tolls, which is like a holiday gift. "

An Haokuan,who has a Malaysian driving license ,said, "Taking advantage of the weekend, I drove from Southville city to Ipoh. The toll was really waived on the outbound journey, which saved us some money. I only had to pay for gas for this journey."

In addition, the Ministry of Transportation also advises drivers to drive safely on the highway and pay attention to traffic signs and road condition information to ensure driving safety throughout the holiday season.

A Muslim friend, Jeff,said,"Highway tolls are waived on holidays, which increases the flow of people between cities and villages and makes people feel more relaxed in their busy work and life."

Througout the policy of toll-free highways, the government is committed to creating a more convenient and joyful Deepavali celebration environment for citizens. While celebrating the festival, please remember to pay attention to safety!

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