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Malaysia Foodie Fiesta 2023 was held at IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Updated: Jan 11

By Li Yingying, Zhu Siyu

Editor: Xiang Liwei, Zhu Zhaoxuan

PUTRAJAYA, 23 Dec - Malaysia Foodie Fiesta 2023 was held at the IOI City Mall Putrajaya and featured over 90 vendors and sponsors offering more than 300 types of food.  And there were lots of great activities to participate in, such as getting free ice cream and experiencing interesting pouring art bear painting.

(Malaysia Foodie Fiesta 2023’ s promotional poster. 

Source: Instagram@artbeat_bazaar)

Malaysia Foodie Fiesta 2023 was held from the 22nd to the 25th of December and Level Three East turned into a spotlight for food enthusiasts.  Vendors and sponsors showed up to exhibit a wide variety of international and local cuisines, covering a wide range of categories such as desserts, entrees, snacks and many more. 

From traditional Malay delicacies to international and creative cuisines, Malaysia Foodie Fiesta offers a diverse selection to delight the taste buds, such as Vida, Bagoos, Oat Life, and so on.

“Through this foodie fiesta, it is an opportunity for ourselves to market our products and promote our brand.  And there are many customers who come to taste and buy our products; it makes me feel very happy.” Mohd Ridzaudin, the organizer of a food stall called Shawarma.

(Photo resource: Li Yingying)

This foodie fiesta provides a fresh experience for both stalls and customers, not only allowing brands and products to gain more exposure, but also allowing customers to taste a variety of creative food.

(Photo resource: Li Yingying)

Chen Yiwen, a customer of this foodie fiesta, said in an interview: “In this food fiesta, many brands are offering promotions; for example, Oat Life has a buy two, get free one promotion, I usually buy one pack of milk for RM15.5, but today, three packs is only RM27.  So, I take the opportunity of today's promotion to buy a lot of my favorite products at a better price than usual.  Besides that, the food fiesta allowed me to discover a lot of brands I hadn't tried before and have a completely new experience.”

Malaysia Foodie Fiesta 2023 not only has an excellent selection of food but also has many exciting activities to attract customers, such as free goodie bags for the first 300 customers daily, free bear pouring art and unlimited free soft ice-cream with bear cookies giveaway.

(Free bear pouring art. Photo resource: Li Yingying)

"The main purpose of my coming to this foodie fiesta today is to draw the bear pouring art, because it normally costs RM89, but now I can get it for free. I think this foodie fiesta is very creative; it's not like other traditional food fiestas that only serve food; there are also fun activities to participate in." Kong Kwai Hong, a customer said.

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