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NBC Confirms Final Season Of Brooklyn Nine-nine

Author: Amirah Syazwani Shawel

Editor: Riennapreet Kaur

Source: Slash Film

NEW YORK, May 21- Ambivalent news for all Nine-Niners as the National Broadcasting Channel (NBC) TV Network released the official final season trailer and premier date of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 on all of its social media platforms.

The American police procedural sitcom television series trailer uploaded by NBC foregrounded many iconic and fan favourite moments throughout the series together with copious heist throwbacks, Jake’s catchwords and a sneak peek of the new parents, Jake and Amy. The teaser released also announced the premier date, August 12 and features interviews with the casts expressing their excitement for the finale counting Joe Lo Truglio who plays Detective Charles Boyle in the series evince numerous events they went through since Season 1. Other than that, Stephanie Beatriz who played Rosa Diaz stated “it’s really enjoyful” and Terry Crews (Lieutenant Terry Jeffords) said that “it’s been so much fun”.

The returning news of Brooklyn Nine-Nine this upcoming summer has left fans conflicted as the much-awaited show is finally here after being off-air for sixteen months yet is coming to an end soon. Shortened Season 8 with only 10 episodes are expected to go out in a blaze of glory as the arrival of newborn baby Mac Peraltiago in Season 7 finale aired April 23 last year has brought viewers anticipation towards the married upcoming goings-on.

Written and produced by Dan Goor and Michael Schur, Brooklyn Nine-Nine introduces Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) a haughty and immature but dextrous New York Police Department (NYPD) detective in Brooklyn 99’th Precinct has to deal with a few changes as the new commanding officer, Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) contradicts his carefree self into furthermore becoming a pop culture pessimist. Alongside his co-workers which including Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz), Amy Santiago, Charles Boyle, Terry Jeffords and the captain, Detective Peralta was set to solve intricate cases with ‘cool’ catchphrases and a yearly heist.

The 10-episode season was delayed previously as the first four scripts went by the board considering countrywide demonstration against police brutality following George Floyd’s murder last summer. As the casts and crews were scrutinized a comedy police show being aired followed up by the events, co producer of the series Andy Samberg affirmed that it was right to regress the show for the time being.

After NBC dropped the forthcoming season’s teaser, fellow actor Terry Crews posted on his Instagram @terrycrews to inform his followers the exhilarating news they have all been waiting for, subsequently announcing the premiere of Season 8 on Thursday, August 12.

He wrote, “Wow! Time flies when you’re doing what you love. The final season of @NBCBrooklyn99 starts Aug. 12th on @NBC. #Brooklyn99”.

Meanwhile besides posting the teaser, Joe Lo Truglio while taking a break in his dressing room for a final reading meeting also shared an Instagram TV video of a few lessons that he picked up during table reading for the finale. He explained the tragedy of his laptop freezing including the backup laptop in the middle of the read before his line while all the cast and guest stars were already in the meeting.

He said, “You cannot create the moment, the moment creates you. Cool lesson to learn. The other lesson was to check your wifi”.

As the television series is coming to an end, user @Amelievable on Twitter quoted “I can’t wait. But I also don’t ever wait for it to stop”.

Some fans were also commenting on @nbcbrooklyn99 official Twitter with the show’s iconic sayings. User @AENyrikki tweeted “Title of your s*x tape. #Brooklyn99 83 days to go, NINE NINE!”.

User @dedlad on Twitter remarked that the show needs to end its seasons the right way for it to stay in the top 3 comedy shows.

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