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Online Classes aren’t Very Favorable to University Students during MCO

By: Vetha Shahana

Edited by: Auzaee Athallah

Source: Google

The Movement Control Order (MCO) is not a barrier for university students to continue their classes as a lot of universities has come up with an effective way of learning which is having online classes.

Due to some certain circumstances it is clearly necessary to adapt to this changes, but still some of them find it difficult to cope with this sudden switch. According to the students, during this MCO period the semester evaluation has become more to assignment based instead of exam based. 80% of the students opposed to this arrangement and tends to have stress problem due to some reasons such as poor internet connection, too much of assignments and so on.

Online classes may sound easy but according to students, most of them agreed that it is not. Maybe it would not be so much burden for those students who are still staying in campus but it is a different story for those who are back home. Balancing household chores with classes and assignments is not an easy task.

“Online classes maybe convenient, but actually it is not. Online meeting maybe seem effortless where we don’t have to dress up or look presentable but it does not mean that it is effective. Face to face lecture is always better and online lecturing is not too clear for me to cope up,” says Jeevna Sashi, 22.

“Sometimes it’s really hard to catch up cause classes happen faster and lecturers expect us to know more. My lecturers have admitted that a certain chapter which was to be taught for a month was shortened into a week,” says Asia Pacific University (APU) student Asyraaf, 20.

According to the insights obtained from the student, it is obvious that there are pros and cons in enduring online classes during this MCO period. The cons such as work load and stress problem among the students should be taken into serious consideration by our Ministry of Education in order to avoid a brand new conflict which is depression among students along with the Covid-19 crisis.

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