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Pavilion Shines Spirit of Christmas Celebration

Updated: Jan 12

Writter: Jin Yuan, Allyssa

Editors: Xiang Peixin, Kong Linghao

(Photo by Little Red Book)

Kuala Lumpur, 27 Nov.- As the festive spirit envelops, the Pavilion Shopping Mall, Bukit Bintang, Malaysia, attracts shoppers from various walks of life, the vibrant atmosphere resonates with the joy of the season.

Lin Sijin, a student at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, shares her enthusiasm for the mall's Christmas ambience. “First of all, I love the Christmas atmosphere here, almost every store will have a Christmas tree and new Christmas products, such as new lipstick and perfume. At the same time, there are many international brands to buy. There are more choices than the shopping mall near our school.”

For Chinese tourist Li Muxin, the journey from China to Malaysia was motivated by the dual appeal of sightseeing and shopping. “I came from China; especially for sightseeing and shopping. Cosmetics are much cheaper in Malaysia than in China. Christmas and Black Friday, both, offer very special discounts and I bought some cosmetics and electronic equipment.”

We spoke to a frequent local visitor Lily, who shared her experiences about what makes shopping at Bukit Bintang’s Pavilion so special.

Lily shared the differences between The Pavilion and different shopping malls. “Pavilion is the most prosperous place in Malaysia, and there are many delicious foods around it. You can go to have a meal after walking around the street, and there are delicious foods from various countries. But for others, there are not enough brands for me to choose. So I prefer to buy something from Pavilion. And also, from my perspective. The decoration in The Pavilion is best.”

Turning the spotlight to the business side, interviews with shops shed light on the mall's Christmas promotions. Huge Christmas and Black Friday deals attract different people to buy goods.

“There is an exclusive Christmas hand cream gift box and enticing markdowns. Additionally, customers spending over 650RM can revel in complimentary hand cream.” L 'Occitane sales mentioned, “Notably, vending machines distributed across various shopping malls offer Christmas blind boxes and vouchers, creating a buzz among shoppers.”

(Photo by Jin Yuan)

Sales associate from Jo Malone, “There are a lot of people buying new Christmas products this year, because a few days ago, China had implemented a new policy which is about visa-free to Malaysia and many Chinese people choose to travel to Malaysia. The Pavilion is the most preferred shopping mall for Chinese people. They came to buy our Christmas blind box.”

As Pavilion Mall continues to draw a diverse audience with its festive charm, shoppers and businesses alike are eagerly anticipating the climax of Christmas, joyous celebrations and productive endeavors.

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