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Reborn Coffee's First Asian Location Opens in The Exchange TRX

Updated: Jan 10

By Zhu Siyu, Li Yingying

Editor: Xiang Liwei, Zhu Zhaoxuan

California-based Reborn Coffee has opened its first international outlet in Tun Razak Exchange (The Exchange TRX), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; the store has been opened under the newly incorporated company Reborn Coffee Malaysia.

The Exchange TRX Mall is a prime location to establish the first Reborn Coffee branded outlet in the fast-growing Kuala Lumpur area.

This prestigious mall features a wide range of international brands including shopping, dining, and entertainment. It will serve as a launchpad for strategic licensing deals across various regions in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

(Photo resource: Li Yingying)

We interviewed a Reborn Coffee staff, Norhisham Halib, to get an understanding of Reborn Coffee's brand development philosophy. "We specialise in providing high quality, speciality roasted coffee."

In addition to this, we learned that traditional brewing techniques guide the Reborn Coffee brand and strives to continually improve the coffee experience by exploring new technologies and quality service. "We focus on providing high-quality coffee, so you can see that we only have coffee for sale on our menu, unlike other coffee shops that have desserts and so on," Norhisham stated.

Norhisham adds to the description of what makes Reborn Coffee different from other coffee brands: "Reborn Coffee sets itself apart from other coffee roasting methods through innovative technology that includes sourcing, cleaning, roasting and brewing the beans in the hope of giving customers a new experience. "

Reborn Coffee attracted a lot of customers on its first day of opening, and we interviewed Ms Farah Fauzi, a customer who shared her thoughts on the taste of the coffee.

"Before the opening, my friend and I saw the store advertised on Instagram, and I was looking forward to it, so I came here in the morning. I tried Reborn Coffee's iced mocha. This is their first international location outside of California. The cream, chocolate and coffee aroma blended perfectly with just the right amount of sweetness and bitterness." Farah shared.

The store has opened in the 350-unit Exchange TRX Mall in the Malaysian capital, which hosts a wide range of cafes such as %Arabica, Starbucks, ChaTraMue, Bacha Coffee, Tealive, Paris Baguette, ZUS Coffee and others.

However, Farah thinks Reborn Coffee has more potential and is competitive. "This place offers customers a different unique blend of nitro coffee every day, and Reborn's choice of beans, all roasted by themselves, taste great, as well as their unique nutty flavours. "

(Photo resource: Li Yingying)

Besides the coffee flavour, the advantages of Reborn Coffee that attract customers are the store's unique design style and environmental atmosphere. According to our observation, the decoration style of the store is mainly wooden, such as using different kinds of wooden tables and chairs, which are avant-garde and minimalist, providing customers with a comfortable environment for working, studying and relaxing.

"I love the minimalist style of reborn coffee, it's clutter free, and with the soft lighting in the store, this allows me to quickly calm down and get into my work. And there are plenty of charging ports in the store to charge my laptop." Ms. Connie Lai said, a customer working on her laptop in Reborn Coffee.

Among the many factors that influence consumers' choices, besides flavor and environment, price is also one of the very important factors. Although there are many various coffee shops in The Exchange TRX Mall, Reborn Coffee is the most expected and popular among customers, and one of the main reasons is its affordable price. Most coffee prices are between RM11 to RM20 at Reborn Coffee.

(Reborn Coffee's menu. Photo resource: Li Yingying)

"I ordered an iced latte and the price in Reborn Coffee is RM14, while iced latte in %Arabica goes for RM18.8 for a cup. The cheap price in Reborn Coffee makes it possible for the student community to spend money without worrying about the price, and the store's coffee can maintain an outstanding quality while being cheap, which makes it very competitive among the many coffee brands." Shan Weichen, a student customer, said.

Reborn Coffee's choice of Malaysia for its first international outlet has become a hot topic for discussion. This offers Malaysian consumers an unparalleled coffee experience that blends tradition with innovation.

At the same time, Malaysia is seen as a potential market because of its multicultural nature, where locals may have a broad acceptance of various flavours and coffee cultures, and the new store in Malaysia is part of the company's global expansion plan.

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