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Revolution SPD Workshop Promotes Casual Cleat Shoes

Writer : Nurul Izzah Tarmezi

Editor : Mohamad Ali Imran Mohamed Zaki

Source: Hamizan Zahari

KUALA LUMPUR, 19 Dec -  30 participants had the unique opportunity to customize their own casual cleat shoes as a part of the Revolution SPD Workshop Tour organized by RIDEWILD.KL at three main locations which are Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Singapore. 

A well known bicycle community in Kuala Lumpur, RIDEWILD KL felt like this workshop was a huge success as they managed to gather more than enough participants for their workshop.

While this remains a new thing for the local scene, it has always been a thing in western countries to customize their casual shoes for a great comfort.

Cleats are usually at the sole part of the shoes that give a solid and consistent position, as it wont allow the cyclist to reposition their feet every few pedal strokes.

When asked on why choosing casual cleat shoes as the product to promote to the community, Syafiq Rahmat, a member of RIDEWILD KL said, “Personally, we all prefer to have few casual shoes with cleat

“We love to use it on weekend morning rides which fits the purpose of the shoes

“Therefore, we think it is a great idea to organize a workshop to give the opportunity for the people to customize their casual shoes with the hope, they will enjoy their rides a lot more than before.”

He also explained that cleat shoes are not compulsory for cyclists but it gives great confidence, and it does help for better pedaling/energy transfer. 

Hamizan Zahari, a member of the RIDEWILD KL wishes to organize more workshops like this in the future as it allows them to attract more crowds to the community and learn new products that are beneficial for them. 

“The workshop is interesting as it combines and celebrates the cycling scene with giant brands such as Vans Malaysia which open up for creative spots to share with the community too.” he said. 

The Revolution SPD Workshop Tour is fully organized by RIDEWILD KL and fully supported by Vans Malaysia.

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