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Siak Riau Invites the Community to Preserve Cultural Tradition in Ramadan

Updated: May 8

Writer: Jasmine Fadhilla Hidayat

Editor: Ananta Wirayudha

(The enthusiasm of the public enlivened The bamboo Cannon Festival on Tuesday, April 18th, 2023)

SIAK SRI INDRAPURA RIAU INDONESIA 18 April - There are many ways to interpret the end of the holy month of Ramadan for Muslim communities in every region around the world, interpreting it from a religious perspective by practicing faith and by preserving traditions originating from their respective regions from a cultural perspective.

The seven likur night tradition is a form of expression of gratitude for the Malay community in Riau Province, Indonesia which has become a hereditary tradition.

The seven likur night is celebrated on the 27th night of Ramadan, usually enlivened by traditional community activities such as the bamboo cannon festival.

Bamboo cannon is a traditional game that is very attached to the Malay people of Riau with the month of Ramadan, usually the local youths enliven The seven likur night by holding a bamboo cannon festival for children and youth.

The bamboo cannon festival which was held on April 18th 2023 was full of joy because it was also contested to the general level for both children and adults in Siak Sri Indrapura, this game is back in society by accompanying many spectators and enthusiasts.

The Siak Regency government has scheduled this activity on the tourism calendar but it has not been realized because the management of the activity budget has not yet been formed, but this activity was carried out independently by the community which was fronted by the Kampung Rempak, Siak Youth with the support of the government.

In the interview after the announcement of the winner of  the bamboo cannon competition, Head of Siak  Sri Indrapura Subdistrict, Andi Putra S.STP, M.Si, said "Insha Allah, next year's the bamboo cannon festival can be prepared more so that it can be carried out more lively by the Siak District government".

This activity is of course could be an introduction and an invitation for the younger generation who have never seen this traditional game first hand, because previously this activity was routinely held by the Siak Regency government before the Covid-19, more precisely in Ramadan 2019.

"We hope that the bamboo cannon festival can become a cultural value that we will develop in the future and become an attraction for tourism in Siak Regency," said Andi Putra S.STP, M.Si.

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