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The Harassment of Monkeys at Kolej Ibu Zain of UKM Has Caused Students Trouble

Writer: Wang Runzhi

Editor: Ma Wugang

BANGI, 18 May - Recently in the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), monkeys have harassed some students in Kolej Ibu Zain (KIZ), such as stealing clothes, entering the dormitory building and causing chaos, etc., which has brought trouble to the students.

(Monkey at Kolej Ibu Zain.Photo by Wang Runzhi)

As a university located on a mountain, monkeys always can be seen on the campus of UKM. However, recent incidents of monkey harassment have become more frequent than ever, especially at Kolej Ibu Zain. In particular, many students reported that their clothes hanging outside were lost and suspected they were taken away by monkeys.

(Place to hang clothes on the UKM campus. Photo by Wang Runzhi)

On May 11, a student witnessed the monkey taking the clothes and took a photo, thus confirming that the reason for the missing clothes was the monkey. "These clothes are easily moved by monkeys and stained with monkey smell. So even if the clothes are not lost, they need to be washed again, which will cause trouble for students. This is partly because the place where the clothes are hung is completely open. Especially some locations close to the woods. For these places, I suggest that the school can change the location of hanging clothes appropriately,” Said Dai Fengfeiyang, a UKM student living in KIZ from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.

(The monkey is trying to take the clothes. Photo from KIZ WhatsApp group)

Erna Smith Epoi, another student living in KIZ from the Faculty of Economics and Management, said: "It's very annoying and uncomfortable. But we live close to the jungle. This is normal. However, I still suggest that the school can set up a fence around the drying place to prevent monkeys."

Also, there have been cases where monkeys entered the dormitory building and caused chaos. In the block K18D of KIZ, because some students forgot to close the door of the block, two monkeys entered the dormitory building and overturned many bags placed in the corridor, causing the corridor to be full of garbage.

Sheng Shiling, a student who lives in block K18D, said: "My friend and I chased the monkeys out together at that time. I hope everyone remembers to close the door. In addition, the windows should also be closed. There have been monkeys entering my neighbour's room because they forgot to close the windows."

Regarding these monkey harassment issues, Ms Rose Amizah, a management staff member from UKM Real Estate KIZ, said: "Regarding this issue, we suggest that students remember to close the door of the dormitory building and collect their clothes hanging outside in time. Meanwhile, our management department will also try to take some measures to reduce this kind of situation."

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