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UKM Launches E-Sports Arena

Updated: Jan 10

Writer: Liao YuQing, Li ShiMeng

Editor: Wu JunKe, Sun ZhiTong, Chen JingKun

BANGI,17 Oct - Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) has officially opened a new E-Sports arena at PUSANIKA, taking a major step towards fostering a vibrant e-Sports culture on campus.

PUSANIKA, a four-story structure spanning 164,641 square feet, is a key facility at UKM. In addition to providing office space for the Student Services Department and the associations under it, PUSANIKA also provides facilities such as a post office, cafeterias, retail stores, an ATM, and so on.

PUSANIKA is committed to developing into a student center that integrates leisure and entertainment purposes. Besides, the E-Sports arena is expected to become a major hub for e-sports activities and competitions. The facility will provide a dedicated space for students to train, compete, and connect with their common passion for e-sports.

This picture was taken by LIAO YUQING)

Expressing excitement about the initiative, Director of the Student Affairs Center Prof. Madya Ts Dr. Norinsan Kamil Bin Othman stated, "This E-Sports arena is a testament to UKM’s commitment to embracing the future of sport and providing our students with various opportunities to excel."

Guo Zhuozhuang, a student at UKM said enthusiastically: "As an avid gamer, I am excited for the new e-sports arena. It is not just about playing games, but also about building a community and competing on a platform to showcase our skills.”

Student Wang Jiaqi has praised UKM for introducing an e-sports arena on campus. Although Wang is not personally interested in gaming, she expressed her appreciation for the facility, stressing that it is a positive indicator of UKM's commitment to staying current and meeting the diverse interests of all students.

Nara, a student at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSSK), voiced excitement regarding the installation of high-end equipment in PUSANIKA. Characterizing the development as "great news," Nara's positive response reflects the impact of advanced amenities on the student experience within the university.

Nik, Zus store clerk in PUSANIKA, remarked on the positive impact of the e-sports arena on foot traffic, expecting an increase in sales due to the attraction of more students to the PUSANIKA complex.

The inauguration of the PUSANIKA E-Sports Arena represents a crucial milestone for UKM and a positive development for the Malaysian e-sports community. As e-sports gains popularity, the newly established facility is poised to play a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of e-sports talent.

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