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"UKM's PUSANIKA: A Culinary and Social Hub Transforming Campus Life"

Updated: Jan 10

Writer:Yang JiaXin、Li QiuYun

Editor:An HaoKuan、Zhao WenHao

BANGI 30 Oct- The Nadi Bangi team recently conducted a series of interviews at UKM, focusing on the newly established PUSANIKA food and entertainment center on the campus of the University kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

The interviews delved into the opinions of on-campus students regarding the newly opened PUSANIKA food center and the convenience it brings to students' lives. To better understand the situation of the food center, we randomly interviewed three students from different colleges. There are not only all kinds of food but also supermarkets, coffee shops, Internet cafes and pool tables. This is not only a space for food and drinks but also a space carrier for a multi-dimensional life.

An HaoKuan(UKM student from FSSK)the food center indeed provides us with more choices, especially within the campus. Previously, we had to walk quite a distance to find various cuisines. Now, at PUSANIKA, we can conveniently taste various flavors, and the prices are quite reasonable."

Li Fang(UKM student from FEP) I feel that the construction of the food center has enriched our social interactions. Previously, students might dine individually outside, but now, everyone can gather here and enjoy a variety of food together. This atmosphere makes the campus more vibrant."

Zhang Na (UKM student from FEP)For me, the advantage of the food center is that it saves a lot of time. Previously, I might need to leave the campus to find a place to eat. Now, with PUSANIKA, not only do we have more choices, but it's also close to the academic area, so it doesn't waste much time."

Summing up the opinions of these students, we found that the establishment of the food center provides on-campus students with more convenient and diverse dining options. Simultaneously, it fosters social interactions and vitality within the campus. This new food and entertainment center has become a significant highlight in campus life.

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