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UKMshape Holds Dress Code Briefing to Ensure Appropriate Attire for International Students on Campus

Updated: Jan 12

By Yang Xiaoxian, Ma Yuxi

Editing by Liu Shixuan, Zhao Shengxi

BANGI, 8 Nov - On the morning of November 8th, Dr. Ng Lay Shi, Liz of UKMshape hosted a briefing for international students from the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities (FSSK) on the behavioral dress codes in Dewan Perdana Hall, drawing the participation of over 300 students.

(Dr. Liz was explaining the university dress code to the students, the photo is shot by MA YUXI)

Center for Shaping Advanced & Professional Education (UKMSHAPE) is an organization responsible for promoting and managing Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) academic programs and student affairs.

Dr. Liz mentioned that, due to numerous complaints about inappropriate attire among new students received by UKMshape, they decided to conduct a briefing specifically for Chinese students to educate them about the rules and regulations on UKM campus.

Concerning the issue of UKM international students' dress, as early as May of this year, Senior Lecturer Wong Wai Yan had sent an email reminding students.

(Dress code and ethics for student, source from UKM website)

Na Jingya, a student from the Faculty of Economics and Management, shared, "I received an email from Dr. Wai Yan, urging us to pay attention to our attire. "

He wrote in the email, "The university does not have the right to interfere with your attire outside of campus, and you absolutely have the right to wear whatever you like. But please remember, this is a university, so everyone should respect Malaysia's cultural lifestyle and customs."

Addressing questions about whether the dress code requirements only target Chinese students, Dr. Liz clarified that UKM has the same expectations for all students, not solely focusing on Chinese students.

"I apologize for unknowingly violating the campus' regulations. I am sorry for entering the classroom in shorts because I was not aware that my attire might offend the professors," FSSK freshman Li Yijia said.

Additionally, Dr. Liz explained the significance of surau signage to students, clarifying that it denotes a prayer hall for Muslims, not a restroom, and asked Chinese students to respect the religious customs of Muslim students.

(The signage of Surau, the photo is shot by Yang Xiaoxian)

Regarding the Briefing, third-year student Munirah commented, "I think this is necessary because most misunderstandings stem from cultural differences."

She provided an example, "Pork is common in China, but in Malaysia, due to religious reasons, many people do not consume it. Therefore, pork is not allowed in student dormitory refrigerators, but some Chinese students are unaware of this dietary taboo, causing misunderstandings."

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