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Vista Apartment Elevator Frequent Accidents

Writer: Liu Tao

Editor: Wang Yahui

(Malfunctioning elevator. Photo by Liu Tao)

BANGI, 20 May - Vista Bangi Service Apartments (Vista Bangi), a residential apartment in Bangi, Selangor, has been experiencing frequent elevator malfunctions, resulting in individuals getting trapped inside.

The incidents have raised concerns about the safety and reliability of the building's elevator system, causing inconvenience and distress to residents and passersby.

Residents and visitors have expressed frustration with the recurring elevator problems. Zhao Wenhao, a resident of Vista Bangi, shared his concern, "The frequent breakdowns are extremely distressing. We rely on the elevators for our daily activities, and this ongoing issue is not only inconvenient but also poses a safety risk."

Another Chinese student living in Vista Bangi, Hu Yi, stated that he had also encountered this situation and the feeling of being locked in an elevator was very frightening.

Zhang Zihao, a Chinese resident who lives in Vista Bangi also stated that, the phone signal inside the elevator is very poor and they are completely unable to contact the outside world in case of danger, which further increases the risk of accidents.

In response to the increasing complaints, Vista Bangi's apartment manager, Syed Mohd Naim Salim has assured residents and the public that they are taking immediate action to address the elevator malfunctions. They have engaged a team of experienced technicians to conduct a thorough inspection of the elevators and identify the root causes of the recurring breakdowns.

Vista Bangi's management issued a statement after the elevator malfunction, stated that, "The safety and well-being of our residents and visitors are our top priority. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the recent elevator malfunctions and are actively working to resolve the issue. We have taken immediate steps to address the problem and are actively pursuing necessary repairs and maintenance."

As a temporary measure to minimize inconvenience, the management has stationed security personnel on each floor to assist individuals in case of emergencies and to ensure effective communication with maintenance teams.

While investigations into the recurring elevator malfunctions are underway, residents and visitors are advised to use caution when using the elevators at Vista Apartments. Whenever possible, alternative means of transportation, such as staircases, should be considered.

Syed Mohd Naim Salim added, “Affected individuals are encouraged to promptly report any incidents or concerns to ensure a swift and effective resolution to the ongoing elevator issues.”

Vista Bangi is still one of the best apartments, the efficiency of management personnel keeps people living here full of trust in them.

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