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“Wuhan Cultural Tourism Week” opened in Kuala Lumpur

Updated: Jan 10

Writer: Peng Yi, Song Rongxiu

Editor: Guo Jiajia, Su Xiaofan


KUALA LUMPUR, 5 DECEMBER---2023 “Wuhan Cultural Tourism Week” opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on December 5. On the day of the opening event, the “Great Rivers, Great Lakes, and Great Wuhan” cultural tourism promotion conference was also held, showing China's most popular tourist cities to the Southeast Asian tourism market in an all-around way.

At the opening ceremony, the Director General of the Department of Cultural Policy of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Malaysia, Chen Awangbosha, and the Director of the Chinese Cultural Center in Kuala Lumpur, Zhang Jiexin, delivered speeches successively.

Guests attending the event visit the oil-paper umbrella 

Photo courtesy of the organizer


The Wuhan Municipal Culture and Tourism Delegation said, “we hope that Malaysian friends will come to Wuhan to walk more, see more, and experience the unique charm of the city.”

Wuhan Cultural Tourism Recommendation Officer said, “The light and shadow performing arts projects such as ‘Chion’ and ‘Go to the Yellow Crane Tower at night’ are important business cards to understand Wuhan, and Malaysians are welcome to watch them.” 

Moreover, Counsellor of the Cultural Office of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, Zhang Zhen, said that As China and Malaysia are about to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, the “Wuhan Cultural Tourism Week” and the “Great Rivers, Great Lakes, and Great Wuhan” Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference have been successfully held, which will strongly stimulate the Southeast Asian tourism market to China.

“With convenient transportation, rich tourism content, and profound cultural accumulation, Wuhan will become a popular destination for international tourism,” he added.

A Malaysian Chinese, Kara, said that I felt a lot of the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

“I think this event was very well organized, and I learned about Wuhan, I will visit Wuhan when I have the opportunity in the future,” said James, who is native Malaysian.

An international student from UKM, Wang Yahui, said, “Wuhan is my hometown, it is really a very livable city, and everyone is welcome to come and travel.”

From December 5th to 7th, during the “Wuhan Cultural Tourism Week”, there were intangible cultural heritage exhibitions, exchanges and interactions, cultural lectures, and other activities such as Han opera, Han embroidery, guqin, tea art, oil paper umbrella, Hongmen boxing, etc to show the charm of the original Han intangible cultural heritage.

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