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Aisha Retno Mesmerizes Over 300 Audiences at UKM Karya Fashion Show

Written by : Jayshenaa Kanapathy

Editor: YuYuhang

(Aisha Retno performing at Panggung Seni Source: KTFS)

BANGI, 27 April - Aisha Retno, the multi-talented Malaysian singer, actor, and host,

illuminated the stage with her dazzling performance at the recent UKM Karya Fashion Show

held at Panggung Seni on April 27th. Amidst a showcase of traditional fashion trends, Aisha

Retno's musical prowess stole the spotlight, captivating the hearts of over 300 attendees.

The event, curated by Kolej Ibrahim Yaakob, encapsulates the spirit of 'Universiti Watan Kita,'

served as a vibrant celebration of Malaysia's rich cultural heritage. Under the theme of 'Cerita

Rakyat Sendi Atma Wangsa' ('Folklore: The Soul of Our Nation'), attendees were immersed in a

tapestry of timeless tales and legends that have shaped the Malaysian identity. Aisha Retno's

selection as the event's centerpiece was a natural choice, her presence epitomizing Malaysian

cultural pride and artistic brilliance.

Sharifah Aisha Retno binti Sayed Sipulijam, professionally known as Aisha Retno, has made

herself as one of Malaysia's most promising talents since her debut. With chart-topping hits like

'Mengikat Jiwa' and 'Cinta Denganmu,' she continues to captivate audiences nationwide,

seamlessly blending soulful melodies with electrifying performances.

Nur Aliah Roslie, the event organizer, lauded Aisha Retno's performance, remarking, "Aisha

Retno's presence was undeniably the highlight of the UKM Karya Fashion Show. Her

professionalism and dedication were palpable, captivating the audience from the moment she

graced the stage. Not only did she entertain with her exceptional talent, but she also fostered a

sense of joy and unity among attendees. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations with her."

Phang Porn Sukkhoo, an Engineering Faculty (FKAB) student, echoed the sentiment, expressing,

"Aisha's rendition of 'Sutera' was truly enchanting. Her dynamic voice and commanding stage

presence left a worthwhile impression."

In addition to her soul-stirring performance of "Sutera," Aisha treated the audience to the jubilant rhythms of "Ketipak Ketipung Raya," infusing the event with a festive spirit.

Muhammad Nasrullah Bin Kassim, another Engineering Faculty (FKAB) student, shared his

enthusiasm, saying, "The UKM Karya Fashion Show exceeded all expectations. Aisha Retno's

captivating performance, coupled with the talents of artists like Aini Mazalan, made it an

unforgettable experience. I eagerly await next year's event."

(Aini Mazalan performing alongside Aisha Retno Source: KTFS)

Aisha Retno's magnetic performance at the UKM Karya Fashion Show reaffirms her status as a

luminary in the Malaysian entertainment landscape. With her exceptional talent, charismatic presence, and unwavering dedication, she continues to enchant audiences and inspire fans nationwide.

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