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Bazaar & Bustel's Pet Bazaar Attracts Pet Enthusiasts



(The selection of cats up for adoption; photo by Dini Huda)

PETALING JAYA, 27 Apr - the lively community of Petaling Jaya assembled at The Square in Jaya One for a pet-focused shopping event organized by the community initiative, Bazaar & Bustle. Between 11am and 7pm daily, attendees and their furry companions engaged in a vibrant range of activities, including exploring pop-up markets showcasing artisanal treasures and taking part in pet adoption initiatives.

A major attraction of the event was The Pet Bazaar, which attracted crowds with its wide selection of artisanal treats, jewelry, and pet-related goods. Local craftsmen showcased their skills, transforming the venue into a lively marketplace catering to various interests.

One of the artisans present was Vivi, who is also recognized as @vivi.k21 on Instagram. Hailing from Syria, she is a skilled mother whose handcrafted desserts mesmerized the visitors.

"I specialize in creating kunafas and baklavas using an authentic traditional recipe from my native land," she shared.

She appreciates the vibrant ambiance of gatherings such as the Pet Bazaar, highlighting the positive influence it has on her business.

"Events like this bring happiness to small entrepreneurs like myself. I'm thankful that individuals relish my sweets and persist in backing my business," she remarked.

The pet-welcoming environment of The Pet Bazaar added an additional touch of allure by encouraging attendees to bring their furry companions for the festivities. This inclusive stance enhances the event's appeal and has also garnered the interest of several pet adoption groups.

Teaming up with Bazaar & Bustle, Woof Rescue, an animal rescue organization dedicated to saving, fostering, and rehoming dogs (and occasionally cats) in distress, participated in the event. Through collaboration with the event coordinators, Woof Rescue organized an adoption initiative, providing a platform for prospective pet owners to connect with rescued animals and offer them loving forever homes.

"We dedicate much of our efforts to rescuing and rehoming dogs in need. Partnering with events like this allows us to create opportunities for these animals to find their forever families and hopefully make a positive impact on the community at large," expressed the spokesperson.

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