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Beijing: 'In the Season of Everything', Feel the Spring's Joy of Reading."

Updated: Apr 30

By Yu Yuhang

Edited by Jayshenaa Kanapathy

BEIJING, 31 Mar - the 2024 Beijing Book Fair Spring Festival was held in Beijing, which was jointly sponsored by the Pioneer Lang Yuan and the Beijing News Book Review Weekly.

Chang Hao, the curator of the Beijing Book Fair, said in an interview with reporters, the 2024 Beijing Book Fair. Spring Fair has more than 200 high-quality publishing houses, cutting-edge publishing brands and niche bookstores with more than 100,000 new books. Book editors and authors all set up stalls at the fair. 

“We have more than 40 art stall owners and nine gourmet food stall owners, bringing something different. Overall, this year's theme is more vivid and the form is more flexible.”

The theme of this fair is “In the season of all things”. It aims to connect with the “Pleasure of reading” by the spirit and atmosphere of spring, and Inspire People's love of reading and the love of the good life.

To this end, the book market continues to select the best of the best, in the market's “Old Tradition” book area, more than 200 well-known publishing houses, cutting-edge publishing brands and a small number of bookstores to emerge. 

“The 2023 bound edition of the Beijing News Book Review Weekly became a hot seller at the fair,” Chang said. 

“Publishers and brands such as Houlang, Commercial Press, CITIC Publishing Group, Sanlian Academic and social sciences literature publishing house, as well as independent bookshop stall owners brought out out-of-print books for everyone.”, from original illustrations, hand-drawn to the trend of paper art, aromatherapy, non-legacy, Booth applications are set a new high.

In addition to book sales, the book fair has been upgraded to a reading event, with 11 theme salons and 2 benefit salons divided into four sections.

“One of the main features of this year's book fair is that the readers can bring their old books with them and actively participate in the activities of the Book Fair. They can feel the fun and joy, and at the same time, they can also give the old books a new lease of life” Wang jia said.

 A major factor in the success of the Book Fair in Beijing, it is committed to promoting a new way of life to explore and explore new forms of weekend leisure culture. 

Ma Peijie, editor-in-chief of book review weekly, a Hsinking newspaper, told reporters that in addition to the participation of more than 100 publishers and art stalls, the fair had also prepared rich and interesting interactive content, let everyone in the spring of the Beijing Book Fair feel different from the usual fun.

For example, in the “Book to Cure Disease Medicine Shop”, readers can bring their own old books to the old book new knowledge area, will use books to the “Beauty Packer” and fill out the old book classification label. 

Staff will help readers to old books for emotional labels classification, and will be placed in the “medicine cabinet”, becoming the emotional blind box books. 

After submitting the old book, the reader can choose the blind box in the emotion classification that he is interested in and make the same number of random exchanges. 

At an outdoor used book auction, participants can take a used book with them and the story of the book to be sold as a package. The auctioneer can choose to auction the book at a “bid auction”, starting at $1 to the readers present, or in a “used book exchange”.

In addition to echoing the concept of environmental protection, we also hope that by this way, books can become a bridge for people to meet and communicate with each other, and make the bazaar more active,” said Ma peijie.

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