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Global Friends, Global Cafe

News By: Aqilah Humaira Ab Halim

Editor: Alexandra Prudente

BANGI, 7 March - A spread of food was placed from one end of the table to the other by foreign exchange students during the Global Cafe event at Cafe Canseloria, UKM Bangi.

From the South Korean’s spicy rice cakes, French blueberry pie to Bruneian’s ‘kek batik’; The Global Cafe was one of the series of event organised by The Centre of International Relations (UKM Global) for exchange students to engage as well as share their culture’s food and traditional dance with one another.

This opportunity has exposed the attendees to knowledge of people with different background and cultures around them in one of the most interesting way.

“Let’s all take this opportunity to learn more about other cultures and share our own culture with one another,” Student Buddy Assistant Registrar of UKM Global said in his opening speech.

Event organiser, Amritjit Kaur, 21, said, “People like food and entertainment, so when we combine them together it would definitely get a big crowd.” She referred to the crowd of about 80 people which includes the exchange students and UKM Global’s very own student buddies.

“We didn’t manage to prepare our traditional dance like the rest, but we hoped everyone enjoyed our sketch.” Wibowo Magna Aurizza, an exchange student from Universitas Airlangga said before performing their country’s sketch.

Kanamori Yuka from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies who is now quite fluent in the Malay language came back for another semester in UKM also enjoyed her second time attending the Global Café.

Other than focusing on creating a bond and gaining new knowledge, these kinds of events would also give these exchange students comfort and a feeling of warm welcome to ease the rest of their stay here.

The Global Cafe had attendees from countries such as South Korean, Japan, Brunei, Indonesia, the United States, Germany and Kazakhstan.

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