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Grab Student is a Solution for UKM Students

Writer : Ananta Wirayudha

Editor : Jasmine Fadhilla Hidayat

(Experience for using Grab Student in UKM starts from Pusanika).

Photo by Ananta Wirayudha

BANGI, 4 May - Transportation at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) is really important for students who are in the campus environment because the distance from the dormitory and campus or other areas very far which takes time relatively a little longer, considering that the UKM areas are very large so it requires instant transportation and does not wait long.

Students usually use a regular Grab (a local e-hailing app) which doesn't take as long as using the UKM bus and if students go with UKM buses, the bus has its own schedule which may not fit with student time and also regular Grab usually sets a fairly high price for students, and it depends on the weather and conditions, when it’s rains or road conditions are busy, the regular Grab price soars up from the normal price.

Therefore, Grab Student UKM appeared to reduce the burden on student costs, Grab students have the same delivery system as regular Grab, but the difference is the customer order system, if regular Grab students have to order through the official application from Grab, then on Grab student customers only need to enter the UKM student group which contains drivers who are ready to take you, just type where you want to go, what time, and what time you want it delivered.

What's unique about Grab Students in the UKM area is that the drivers of Grab Student are UKM students themselves, so that allows us to meet friends from the same major that we know, and fees for student grabs tend to be cheaper than regular grabs, the price difference can be up to RM2 - RM4 which might be more tolerable for student wallets.

“Grab student Driver at UKM doesn't earn as much as regular grabs, but the drivers are happy to help fellow students and still get income from this job” said Asyraf Ibadi Robby a student from Faculty Social Science and Humanities as a driver.

Muhammad Ammar Gufran as a passenger explained, “I like using Grab Student because when I ordered through the Grab Student group, the drivers responded very quickly and we didn't have to wait long for them to come because they also live around the campus and of course we spent less than grab usual, which made me choose Grab student.”

From here we can draw the conclusion that UKM is very supportive of student business programs to make their own money through Grab students, and also help students who want to travel around campus at a relatively lower cost. So Grab Student is really worth it for the driver or the customer. In addition, so far Grab student UKM recommended it for student UKM itself.

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May 23, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Nice article

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