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Matthew Perry's Passing Mourned by Fans

Writer: Deepalakshmi a/p Manickam

Editor: Nur Fathin Athirah binti Nor Azman

Source: ABC News

BANGI, 30 Oct - In a devastating turn of events, the world of entertainment was struck by a profound loss as beloved actor Matthew Perry, known for his iconic role as Chandler Bing in the hit TV series "Friends," passed away and the news has sent shockwaves through the hearts of fans worldwide.

“It was definitely a shocker. Still remember watching their Reunion special. FRIENDS was an iconic pop culture. I remembered watching it during my undergraduate days and even until today I can still laugh at the storylines. Chandler was always the funny yet sarcastic kind of guy. One thing I learned from all this is always value the great times you have with your close friends,” said Associate Professor Dr. Abdul Latiff Ahmad.

“First of all, FRIENDS series was a comfort show for almost everyone and the characters Chandler Bing which was played by Matthew Perry gave a lot of cherish moments not only in the series and for the fans. He has given us a lot of morals such as how important is a relationship between friendships and families, even in real life. There won’t be a FRIENDS reunion again. It breaks my heart to even accept that he’s gone. I will always be grateful that he has given not only to me and millions of people a comfort and happiness they deserve,” said Janagashakti Sinnasamy.

“My heart shattered when I heard that Matthew Perry had passed away. Until I looked it up on Google, I started crying right away and I haven't stopped since. I fell in love with Chandler from the very first episode. Chandler have taught me a lot about friendship and love. Whenever someone asked who my favourite character from the show was, I've always said Chandler. He was a wonderful man who brought joy, laughter, and a lot of love into people's lives,” said Ashvinaa.

“The first thing I read when I woke up this morning was the heartbreaking news of my favourite character in FRIENDS, Chandler Bing. He was the epitome of sarcasm and what a true friend should be. I learnt a lot of things from Chandler. He always has banters with people around him that just lightens the situation. I think everyone needs to have a Chandler in their life because truly he’s one of a kind. There will never be another Chandler Bing, ever. I hope he is in a better place, gone too soon,” said Shobita Manimaran.

“Matthew Perry left an indelible mark on our hearts with his wit and humour. His character's one-liners and sarcastic charm made us laugh through the ups and downs of life in the show. His passing is truly saddening, and as a fan, I'll forever cherish the joy he brought to the world,” said Sanjeevi Gopalan.

Tragically, the world has bid farewell to a beloved talent, Matthew Perry, leaving fans heartbroken. We can only hope that his wit and charm will continue to bring joy to generations, even in his absence.

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11 nov 2023
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Amazed by how a person whom we have never met could bring tears with their passing. Chandler Bing the character played by Matthew Perry was the kind of friend whom we all need, making jokes to lighten up any tense situation with sarcastic comments and always being there for his loved ones. Good job to the writer for getting plenty of opinions from the fans and making this article as relatable as possible.

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