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NGO Urge Government to Cancel a Road Project in Pahang to Protect Malayan Tiger Reserves

Writer: Xiang Nan

Editor: Ma Wugang

KUALA LUMPUR, 12 June - A non-governmental organization - RimbaWatch has called on the government to cancel a road project to protect the habitat of the Malay tiger in Malaysia.

The Environmental Assessment report for a road project in Pahang has been approved by the Environment Bureau, with RimbaWatch today announcing that it has obtained an accurate road plan which confirms that the road will affect a wildlife area.

(Photo Source: Oriental Star Report)

The road project is called the Pasir Raja-Mat Daling Road Project and it will "dissect" the forests of eastern Pahang and separate the forests of National Park in the north to the Ulu Tembeling Forest in the south, according to Free Malaysia Today.

RimbaWatch pointed out that the road project has had a serious impact on the Malay tiger reserve and may cause irreversible damage to the species' living environment.

The Malaysian tiger is a rare protected animal in Malaysia and is listed as an endangered species, and the destruction of its habitat will seriously threaten its survival. The road project is planned to cross the Malay tiger reserve, leading to the destruction and fragmentation of the habitat and increasing the pressure on the survival of the Malay tiger.

This has caused serious concern among the NGO and related environmental groups, prompting them to call on the government to take urgent action to stop the project and protect the integrity of the tiger's habitat.

A representative of the RimbaWatch said, "The Malay tiger is a valuable heritage of our country, and the implementation of the road project in Pahang will pose a great threat to its living environment. We urge the government to pay attention to this issue and take measures to protect the Malay tiger and its habitat to ensure the survival of this endangered species."

Li Lin from China said, "The impact of the Road project on the Malay tiger conservation area is devastating. The road will cross the protected area, destroying the habitat of the Malay tiger. The Malay tiger is an endangered species and its numbers are already very limited. The construction of roads will lead to habitat fragmentation, putting Malayan tigers at greater risk of not being able to find adequate food and breeding conditions. This is a huge loss for our national and global biodiversity."

The Malay tiger is a subspecies of tiger unique to Malaysia and lives in forests and jungles. However, due to factors such as deforestation, habitat loss, and illegal hunting, the numbers of Malayan tigers have declined dramatically, and the remaining individuals are at high risk of extinction.

The importance of protecting the habitat of the Malay tiger has been widely recognized by the international community. Environmental groups and animal protection agencies have stepped up efforts to protect the tiger and called for joint efforts to ensure the survival of the rare species.

(Photo Source: Malaysiakini)

Wang Yingfan, a student from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) said, "I very much agree with the government's withdrawal of the road project in Pahang because we understand the importance of protecting the Malay tiger and its habitat. The Malaysian tiger is a national treasure of Malaysia and a World Natural Heritage site. We must take action to protect them. The damage to the environment from this project is irreversible and not necessary. We believe the government should give priority to protecting rare species and ecosystems, rather than sacrificing these precious resources for economic benefits."

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