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Student Representative of Pendaulat Urge The AMAN Police aboutStray Dog Issue

Updated: Jan 10

Writers: Aina Jazlina, Fatihah Elwira

Editors: Abigail Sangeeth, Fakhruzzaman

BANGI, 26 Nov - Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) is famous for the situation where there are stray dogs roaming around and attacking students in residential colleges in UKM.

Even monkeys are not the only thing that bothers UKM students. Now the issue of stray dogs around UKM has been publicized.

There are more than five dogs that can be seen at one time because these dogs like to gather and follow the students they target. Previously, UKM students once thought that with the presence of these dogs, it could help to scare the monkeys.

But now it's the other way around. Both monkeys and dogs have a dangerous effect on students at UKM.

Students feel uneasy and calm walking or playing sports because they are afraid of the attacks of these wild animals.

Not to mention there are cases where students get bid and fall because of the stray dogs chasing and attacking them.

UKM students have spoken up and brought this issue to their superiors, but there has been no response until today. Students are very angry with this situation.

Zul Hafiz Haqimi, a student representative of Pendaulat who holds the position of Student Sovereign Speaker, made a media statement saying, "Is the job of UKM's security only to focus on car clamps or student suits or the other way around?".

The media statement also stated the suggestion to this problem. In which they propose Wisma Aman to establish a security secretariat to monitor this issue.

He also wrote, "Students' lives are not something to be trifled with. Don't get knocked down, just look up.

Therefore, the Student Sovereign urges that the actions related to stray dogs be resolved immediately."

Here, UKM students hope that their voices and complaints will be heard and accepted by their superiors. Together we hope that this issue can be resolved well and quickly.

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