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The ACW 2024 Night Market is in Full Swing


Editor: MA SHUYA 

SELANGOR, 30th Apr- A night market opened in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Faculty Economy and Managment) is very popular, attracting many students from different colleges to taste and buy. The night market sells a variety of Malaysian local special food and affordable, where it attracts many local students and international students to buy and taste.

This night market is held by UKM to celebrate the ACCOUNTING WEEK 2024, At 30th April at FEP , In 1st may will be held in Kolej Ibu Zain area this night market activity will continue until 5th May this night market mainly sells local Malaysian specialty food like corndog, mee goreng and other classic foods, Although these foods are very common food in Malaysia, But it is also the most representative and classic food in Malaysia, Because each chef has the different ingredients, It also has a different taste, Although the taste is different, all of them  are  delicious.

Wang Peiyao,a Chinese student at FEP UKM said that she bought a lot of food in the night market, they are all delicious and some are much cheaper than the outside shop and will taste better than the outside shop. The most important thing is that the night market is very close to his college, and she can even buy a cold drink between classes before going back to class.

“The night market made me very happy, and the food here, when there is no night market if 1 feel hungry I need to go far to emart to buy food, but often not enough time, the night market held let I don't have to spend a lot of time to mart to buy food, I just need to go downstairs can buy cold drinks and food.”

Jian Minghao, another Chinese student, at UKM, said that he liked Malaysian food very much, and he was very excited to learn that there would be a small night market next to the FEP college.

“I really like to eat Malaysian food, when I learned that FEP college to hold small night market today I was very excited, but my college is far from FEP college, so when I finish my course today, I came here, I really like the local food in Malaysia, I feel the food taste very unique and night market food price is very cheap, I will buy a lot of every time.”

Azman Kamal, the 35- year-old owner of the CHUP DAGING COT  told us about the reason why the night market was held and why he came to the night market.

“The night market is UKM in order to celebrate ACW 2024, the night market beside FEP college because there are big enough place to accommodate enough people, but this is just the preheating of the activity, after 1st May we will move the night market to KIZ area, because ACW 2024 need in KIZ auditorium ceremony, that day there will be more people come here to participate in the activities and buy their favorite food in the night market.”

“I choose to open a shop in the night market is that every activity can meet different friends they come from various places, especially in recent years, the number of UKM students increased, I also know more students, also to more students Malaysia local food, every time and their conversation make me very happy.”

The night market celebrating ACW 2024 has been held at FEP college in 30th April, the current situation has attracted many students to attend, and let us wish ACCOUNTING WEEK 2024 a successful completion.

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