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The II-FIC Programme of Kolej Keris Mas: Cultivating Science, Technology, And Innovation

Updated: Jan 10

Writers: Abigail Sangeeth, Fakhruzzaman

Editors: Aina Jazlina, Fatihah Elwira

BANGI, 25 Nov - The International Intelligence Frontier Science Innovation Competition (II-FIC) organized by Kolej Keris Mas marked a significant stride in fostering science, technology, and innovation. Hosted by the Student Executive Council of the college, the event took place on November 25, 2023, with the winners announced at 3:30 pm.

The programme themed on advanced science at the international level involved representatives from schools across Malaysia. This program served as support for the efforts of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI) and the Ministry of Education Malaysia (KPM) to cultivate science and technology among the Malaysian population and reignite students' interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education.

“This innovation programme initially targeted only 60 groups but successfully accommodated 92 registered groups, leading to a venue change from the college’s Grand Hall to the Convention Room, Seminar Room 1, and Seminar Room 2" said the chief program director, Abdul Halim Bin Mohd Ariffin.

He emphasized the program as a platform for school students to contribute ideas, innovations, and knowledge in their respective fields, showcasing their ability to create and discover something new. The initiative was conceived by the Principal of the college, Associate Professor Dr. Hamidun Bin Bunawan, after witnessing the International Robot Exhibition.

 Image of Ybrs. Puan Ruziah Binti Shafei, during her speech at II-FIC

 Source: Abigail Sangeeth

The closing ceremony featured Ybrs. Puan Ruziah Binti Shafei, Deputy Secretary-General (Planning and Cultivation of Science) of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation. Addressing challenges in promoting STEM, she highlighted MOSTI's initiatives to ensure accessible science culture activities and expressed confidence in the initiative's long-term impact on eroding STEM-related stigma.

During the closing ceremony, "The Best Innovation" title was awarded to two schools. SK Changkat Tin claimed the primary level title with their "NFT With Solar Energy" innovation, while SBPI Rawang secured the secondary level title with "Block-CLE: A Way To Mitigate Plastic Pollution In The Ocean."

 Images of the primary-level winning team.

 Source: Abigail Sangeeth

Syabil Muhaiman Bin Lukman, a student from the victorious team, shared insights into the NFT With Solar Energy project, highlighting its innovative contributions to education and agriculture. "This project utilizes recycled materials like 1.5-liter water bottles, soap bottles, used containers, and coconut coir, promoting environmental awareness and waste reduction," he explained. Mr. Abu Bakar Bin Ramsah, the team supervisor, addressed challenges faced during the project's development. "Our main challenge was creating an NFT system using discarded materials. Initially, using water bottles led to leaks and falls. Innovatively, we switched to soap bottles as a sturdy base, readily available at home, allowing the project to be deployed anywhere with liquid waste," he revealed.

Images of the secondary-level winning team.

Source: Abigail Sangeeth

"Our product, named 'Block Curl,' combines 'Block' to signify its trash-blocking function and 'Curl' from 'circle' due to its circular shape. Placing it in rivers or drains aims to combat consistent littering. The goal is to prevent trash escape and drain clogs. Traditionally, iron nets were used for this, termed commercialized transvance. Our approach follows a similar concept with differences in material, concept, and structure," explained Muhammad Faiz Farhan Bin Mohd Asmawi, a representative from the winning team.

The success of the program was attributed to dedicated efforts, with the chief program head expressing gratitude to the team and acknowledging the overwhelming response from schools and teachers. He emphasized the immeasurable satisfaction of II-FIC committee members who dedicated three months to its success, contributing to the country's development.

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