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UKM's PUSANIKA Campus Expansion Delights Students with Diverse Options

Updated: Jan 12

Writer: Wu JunKe, Sun ZhiTong, Chen JingKun

Editor: Liao YuQing, Li ShiMeng

BANGI, 10 Oct - Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia(UKM) recently expanded its campus area "PUSANIKA" to meet the diverse needs of its students.

For a long time, PUSANIKA has been recognized as a campus leisure place for students to have fun and shopping experiences.

"They opened a milk tea shop, a cafe, a Korean supermarket, and a TeppanYaki restaurant, making campus life feel brighter."

Zhang TianZe, an undergraduate student at the university, said that he was very happy to see such changes in the campus environment, which means more choices for him personally.

"In the case of having classes all day, the rest time left for us is very limited, as for my major, the lunch break is about two hours, which means I need to finish lunch and find the next class within these two hours,

"In the past, I usually chose to eat at the hot meal bar, but the menu was always limited and over time I wanted to try something else,

"If you want a drink, there are cafes on campus, but they are located near the student dormitories and UKM Shape buildings, which are too far away from my teaching building and it is inconvenient to go there.

“That's why PUSANIKA's openness makes sense. It's like a supermarket display with a variety of options in front of you, so you don't have to go all the way around in the hot sun to buy a cup of coffee or endure the taste of ready-to-eat food,

"You know, 'ready to eat' and 'ready to serve,' they don't taste the same," he added.

Nurul Patin Sarhana Razid is a shopkeeper for Worom cafe in PUSANIKA. In this shop you can find kinds of drinks, snacks such as fried chicken, even breakfast is also available in the morning.

“We get a lot of customers from students,” she said.

When it comes to items’ prices in PUSANIKA, students certainly have different views, At the time of the interview, Wang SiQi and her friend Ma JiaRou were genuine newcomers to UKM.

“I think the prices are okay to me,”Wang said.

“While I think they are expensive, but still affordable,” Ma said.

Another student, Yao ShenWen, said that because he majored in media and communication, seeing PUSANIKA was very popular among students as soon as it was opened has reminded him of the theoretical knowledge related to the major course.

"Basically, when people see a store of a familiar brand in an unfamiliar place, they are more willing to explore the area near the location of the brand out of trust and closeness to the brand,

"You can see a noticeable increase in student activity around PUSANIKA compared to last semester, and even better, there are already quite a few international and local students gathered at the new ZUS coffee shop in PUSANIKA, sitting at the same table, with their drinks in hands.”

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